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WiLLING Co.,Ltd.
Company CEO Narihiro Sugimoto (N.Sugi)
Established June, 2003
Address 1-9, Minamiyama 3choume Shiroi-city, Chiba, 270-1423, JAPAN
TEL/FAX TEL:+81-47-498-3537  FAX:+81-47-498-3538
Business contents

Import, Export, Wholesale, Project, and Sales of model (Plastic model kit and resin kit) related product.

*We look for the overseas dealers and wholesalers. Please feel free to contact us!

How to buy & Get some A&W Models?

Our Export resaler is...

Hobby Link Japan http://www.hlj.com/

Radjapan http://radjapan.ocnk.net/

Please contact them!


A&W Models Manufacturer

Company CEO




Business contents


                                                              ANiGRAND CRAFTSWORK 

Arnold Chiu


PO Box 89571, Kowloon City, Hong Kong.


Model (resin kit) Project, Manufacturing and Sales


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